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Who else wants healthy, happy, self motivated kids!?

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So, take a moment to imagine the benefits of a world in which every child grows up with the skills they need to thrive.  Life skills for the 21st century!  

These are the foundational skills which positively impact the way children feel about themselves, how they think, learn, and relate to others. 

They also have a profound effect on their mental and physical health as they grow up and shape their beliefs, habits and happiness throughout their life. 

At the core, we believe every child should have the opportunity to learn these skills, grow and thrive in life. But sadly, this is not the case for millions of children.  

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We're a leader in developing a child's character and life skills through their participation in our "Play, Learn & Grow" programs leveraged on sports and made accessible to all.

Our evidence-based solutions have been proven to make a significant positive impact on a child's character focus, motivation and self confidence by providing environments, classes, camps and workshops to inculcate these foundational skills. This will create a more resilient, compassionate, and respectful generation and help children live a healthy, happy, more fulfilling lifé.

Our goal is to reach 1+ million children by 2021. With your support, we can do it. Join us in helping every child play more, grow and thrive..

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Our goal is to share our Life Skills & Adventure learning programs to 1+ million children by 2021. With your support, we can do it. Join us in helping every child play more, grow and thrive.

We are GrowthWerks, this is our mission.

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