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Now You Can Discover Why This Camp Is The Best Kept Secret! 

Check out ALL the fun...

Paul is just one of the 8 cool campers. He was confident, full of energy but, from the first impression, we could see that Paul was kind and thoughtful.    

He could already skate however, during the introductions, he was remarkably humble. Now we needed to establish his A (starting point), discover his super powers and coach him and his "buddys" to have fun and meet his goals. What a great kid, what an awesome transformation! 

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They enjoy all this!

A safe, fun, engaging environment is a key to a child's personal growth.  Just think about your kids exploring our beautiful Somerset Park, Gardens By The Bay, the National Stadium... all the sports and mini adventures will challenge them and provide great opportunities for them to develop resilience and confidence.

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Somerset and beyond...

The adventures take us to many places around the city and out to the suburbs and even the beautiful National Parks!  That said, you are never to far away and can always reach us. For your reference here are the maps of the key spots...

Check out the Planner below!!

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Coaching campers to leverage their super powers and overcome their self limiting beliefs are just the beginning of their wonderful transformation, their "growth". 
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No#1 Fun & Life Skills Program

The original Urban Adventure Camp. Developed by New Zealander, Hanson. Living a life of sports, adventure and coaching, he has over 22 years of experience coaching sports for kids in Asia. (Also ranked Number #1 for fun!)

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Safe, Fun, Super Engaging

Somerset Park and surrounding areas spoils us for choice of excellent places to play & learn. The elements around the park and skate park provide safe and interesting spaces for your child to combine all the sports with personal growth.

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Coaches You Know and Trust

As father of two active kids, Internationally Certified Master Coach (20+ years), you can be assured that Hanson and Team are 100% committed to the safety and well-being of your kids.  They're in very good hands.

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Urban Adventure Camp
@ Somerset

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Back again however, it's even better!  Check out this terms Urban Adventure Camp! Yes, everything is included but wait. Very important to note that we can only take 8 campers per team.  

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Pickup-Drop Off:  313 Somerset (711 - map)
Transport can be arranged at cost  

Included Free

Urban Adventures
Full Day & 1/2 Day Camps
1st Child Booking..

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Your kids will have the most awesome experiences with us. You couldn't hope to find anywhere as engaging, challenging, convenient and safe. Furthermore, you won't find Parkour, Skateboarding, Street Art, Trampolining, and Urban Orienteering anywhere else. We can't wait to meet your kids and share our passion with them. Confirm your spot on the Team today.

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